Massage Pricing

First Massage Visit
60 Minutes – $60               90 Minutes – $85

You receive $15 off the regular rate and the tip is included!  Only applies to 60 and 90 Minutes.

Regular Rate
60 Minutes – $70               90 Minutes – $100              120 Minutes – $135                  

Receive the First Massage/Discount Rate when you:

  • come in a second time in a month or more
  • are a student
  • are a senior over the age of 68
  • are disabled and receive disability

If you come in for more than one massage within a calendar month you will receive the first massage visit rate for the second massage and beyond.

If you are a Student you get will receive the first massage visit price.  If you are over the age of 21 please have student ID with you.

Other Deals:

Buy a Package of 3 massages and save!  Use within 6 months of purchase date. $180  for 3, 60 minutes massages and $255 for 3, 90 minute massages.

Gift Cards are available upon request.  Call me or email me with any questions!  They are good for one calendar year.

Bundle Both Services: if you are an existing health coaching client and would like massage treatments you can

  • have two consultations a month for the $70 rate
  • receive a massage or more a month for the $50 rate

Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Coach Pricing

Initial Health Consultation – $10

Health Consultation – $70 or $100 for two sessions, for 6 months
Value for the price : included in the cost of two sessions a month is:

  • Two 45 minute health consultations
  • Guidance on your path to wellness tailored to your needs
  • Recipes, books, meditations and other giveaways
  • Email and phone communications between sessions